artos AG - individuell

Our assortment is tailor-made for your needs. In accordance with your specifications we can produce nearly unlimited sizes, forms, grammages, and fillings.

Individualized Production

The focus of our production activities are the development and the manufacturing of individual and exclusive deep-frozen ethnic bakery products for the various distribution segments of the European pastry market.

With our modern and IFS certified production, we manufacture very flexible tailor-made mediterranean pastries and snacks, that are:

  • produced to your specifications
  • developed together with you
  • exclusively outfitted for you
  • and last but not least, our TOP-SELLER products which are delivered Europe-wide.
Individualized Production

We can fit forms, sizes, grammages, fillings, handmade appearances, baking specifications, etc. according to the individual requests of our clients. And we can guarantee exclusiveness for these products.