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Bakery, Foodservice, Retail.
We have the solutions concerning trendy ethnic pastries and standard products.

Welcome to artos AG

We are your source of mediterranean snack products spezializing in deep-frozen pastries.

At artos hellas in Greece we manufacture our products with modern equipment and the highest-quality standards. We focus on individual and mostly manual production of snack products with popular fillings like feta, cheese, spinach, minced meat and ground beef. In addition, we offer our clients a versatile selection of mediterranean doughs and fillings for individual product configuration.

Our current TOP SELLER products like snail pies, twisted pies, rolls and bougatsa are very popular all across Europe and they are a must-have in our clients’ pastry portfolios.

We produce on a daily basis individual manufactured deep-frozen pastries of the highest quality.

Additionally, we can offer through our product and distribution partners a wide variety of deep-frozen premium pastries to round out our clients’ portfolios.